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A Case Report of a Giant Epidermal Nevus on the Scalp.
In Ho Bae, Seok Chan Eun, Rong Min Baek
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):67-70.
A Case Report of Cranial Fasciitis in an Adolescent Male.
Sin Young Kim, Young Joon Jun, Young Jin Kim, Byung Chul Seo
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):63-66.
A Case Report of Focal Ossification of the Auricular Cartilage.
Hyeun Woo Suh, Hyo Seong Kim, Ki Young Ha, Eun Mee Han, Boo Yeong Kim
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):58-62.
A Case of Generalized Pyoderma Gangrenosum Involving Scalp and Face.
Doo Hyun Nam, Jun Hyuk Kim, Young Man Lee
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):53-57.
Lower Eyelid Full-Thickness Reconstruction Using a Radial Forearm Free Flap with Palmaris Longus Tendon Sling: A Case Report.
Tae Hoon Kim, Seok Chan Eun, Rong Min Baek
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):48-52.
Facial Reconstruction Using Groin Dermo-Fat Free Flap in Romberg's Disease: Case Report.
Yoon Jung Lee, Jun Sik Kim, Nam Gyun Kim, Kyung Suk Lee
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):43-47.
Utilizing Pedicled Muscle Flap for Defect Coverage after External Auditory Canal Cancer Resection.
Kangwoo Nathan Lee, Eun Key Kim
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):37-42.
A Case Report of an Immediate Frontal Sinus Reconstruction Using an Outer Table Calvarial Bone Graft in an En Bloc Manner.
Jong Do Kim, Jeong Tae Kim, Youn Hwan Kim
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2011;12(1):33-36.
Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy after Local Infiltration of Epinephrine for Plastic Surgery in Young Adult.
Kyu Sub So, Yong Taek Hong, Hyun Jae Kang, Hoon Nam Kim, Young Kook Lim, Jun Heo
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2010;11(2):120-123.
Treatment of a Carotid-Cavernous Sinus Fistula via the Superior Ophthalmic Vein Approach: A Case Report.
In Sun Moon, Han Kyung Shin, Dong Il Kim
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2010;11(2):116-119.
Surgical Treatment of a Plunging Ranula using the Intraoral and Submandibular Approach.
Jung Hong Kim, Seok Chan Eun, Rong Min Baek
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2010;11(2):111-115.
A Case Report of Chondroid Syringoma of Philtrum.
Jeong Ho Cha, Jin Woo Kim, Han Kyung Shin, Jae Hak Jung, Young Hwan Kim, Hook Sun
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2010;11(2):107-110.
A Case Report of Giant Cell Tumor of the Occipital Bone.
Sung Hyun Jo, Jin Woo Kim, Jae Hak Jung, Young Hwan Kim, Hook Sun
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2010;11(2):103-106.
Primary Parotid Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: A Case Report.
Geon Cho, In Suck Suh, Kyoung Seok Tak, Young Kyu Park, Eung Yeol Ko, Ha Min Sung, Mi Kyung Shin
Arch Craniofac Surg. 2010;11(2):99-102.
  • Congenital unilateral hypoplasia of depressor anguli oris muscle in adult. Arch Craniofac Surg. 2019;20:265-269


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